Curated Resources & Thank You!

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Curation is all about Optimizing Content, Context and Collaboration!

First, Thank You to 1,867 Learning Colleagues!

Learning 2018 was a wonderful, complex, diverse and stimulating environment for Content, Context and Collaboration in Florida 3 weeks ago!

We now begin the Curation Process!  The planning and production for Learning 2018 took a good part of the year.  And, our Curation will be in cycles over the coming 6 weeks.

Our Learning 2018 Team, along with Experience Leaders, Session Facilitators and Program Partners are pulling together and editing content, context, conversations and collaboration resources to share with you and the wider Learning Field.

Go to your Learning 2018 Curation Site:

Here you will find video, illustrations, slides, resources, reports and pictures.  We are adding more every few days and these are shared in Open Source to provide the widest circulation of the Learning 2018 resources.

Enjoy and Share!

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie




Design in Last 72 Hours?

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"Elliott, your notes imply that the Design for Learning 2018 continues right until and thru the event.  Is there ever a time when you say "Done?"?"

Well, I guess I reveal a side of myself in my blogs, the endless and delighted Producer/Designer that never stops :)

Our team is arriving in Orlando today and in 72 hours 1,870+ colleagues will start their Learning 2018 experience.  Much of the design is "done" and fundamentally fixed in place.

But, the fun and creative side of being a Learning Producer is the adjustments and refinements that we make as the reality of the situation collides with the design assumptions.  Here are a few of the items on our whiteboard that will be adjusted today:

  • A major retailer would like to have a breakfast with key CLO's that are interested in employer support for front line workers.  So, we are moving around a few items and the breakfast is scheduled.
  • Our app, which is from a new provider, needed some tweaks to content display formats, and we delayed the sending of the log-on until a few hours ago.
  • We added a 5 video feed from an intriguing K to 12 EdTech startup to illustrate how other sectors are handling learning innovations from ventures.  
  • Sent background material and description of the corporate learning colleagus that will be in the audience to Former First Lady Laura Bush - to help her prepare for her appearance on Monday morning.
  • Added a Poll Anywhere capacity so that 2,000 people can text words during a General Session via SMS and it will appear on the screen in a Real-Time Word Cloud.
  • A few events of life have happened this week - a sick presenter, a relative of a speaker passes away and other adjustments.
  • The Escape Room model has progressed and we will call it "Secret Doors to a New Roles" - to explore how an employee is onboarded or promoted with creative approaches to transition.  
  • Changing some of the songs we will use at the event - to better align with the themes and world events.
  • A few last minute registrations from some deeply experiened learning colleagues and will weave them into our program.
  • Adjusting the food and beverage orders to reflect the growth in participants and also calculating how many people will eat lunch or use the ticket to Disney on Tuesday night - all to spend most effectively.
  • Shared that we will have a place for AA members to meet privately each day.
  • Been working on the pictures that will scroll behind each speaker - on the 110 Foot Screen - in the General Sessions room.
  • Finalizing the fun and knowledge that will happen at our new Genius Learning Bar in the Learning 2018 lobby.
  • Adding suprises, even for my team, to keep Learning 2018 hot and current for everyone.
  • And, picking which colors I want to wear for each General Session keynote.

Learning Production requires an endless and evidence based approach to design.  In fact, the year the design is "done" before the event begins is the year that I will be sad.  Learners, Learning and Production are organic, alive and always improving.

See you in Orlando in Just 72 Hours!

Experiences - Design and Prep

Designing & Producing Experiences for Learning is quite different from developing a course or online module.  In just 12 days, we will have almost 2,000 global learning colleagues in Orlando for Learning 2018 and there will be some intense and engaging Experiences.  I have been traveling around the US in the past few weeks by plane and video to optimize these experiences:

I was off to Pennsylvania to meet with the learning leaders from Allan Myers construction company - who are driving their Construction Equipment simulator to Orlando.  I "drove" several major vehicles and lifted some major virtual boulders on their high tech and physically realistic simulator.  Wow!

Next, Richard Culatta (co-host at Learning 2018) and myself flew to Norfolk, VA and met with the six police officers who became YouTube hits when their department did a lip-sync of "Uptown Funk" from Bruno Mars (over 75 million viewers).  They are coming to Learning 2018 to receive our Engagement Award and to fully participate in the event.  We met with them at the SWAT Team school to prep for their visit and Experience: 

MIT and The MASIE Learning CONSORTIUM will be doing a real-time research project to study Brain Reactions to Complexity at Learning 2018.  Hundreds of participants will wear brain scan headbands and participate in a real-time experiment - with research results shared on the last day of the event:

Bloomberg is building and offering "Hour of Code" sessions (including one on Monday evening - to provide learning professionals with hands-on experience of doing real visual programming in an exciting 60 minutes.  And, they added a Photo Booth for learners to capture their experience:

Changing the tires on a NASCAR race car as a team requires learning, coordination and timing.  I've been working with our Pit Crew training team to prep for their arrival in Orlando as our colleagues suit up and have real time Experiences with tires, power tools and a countdown clock:

Experiences require a different and more hands-on design and production planning.  We invite you and your colleagues to register now for Learning 2018!  We have added more hotel rooms and we are ready for you.  Go to for details and registration:


Learning BlockChain is Coming!

TO: Learning Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, Publisher, Learning TRENDS

The data world is experimenting and deploying BlockChain as a model for distributed, synchronized, shareable and secure data sets - without requiring a single server location.

The MASIE Center and our Learning CONSORTIUM will be launching a new global initiative: Learning BlockChain at Learning 2018.

Learning BlockChain will be an open collaboration of learning systems, resources, data systems, badging, CLO/HR/Talent leaders and others - creating a trusted BlockChain for the widest learning fields (from K-12 to Workplace and Beyond)

Join us at Learning 2018 as we announce and start the organization of Learning BlockChain Learners, Learning Producers, Learning Systems and Businesses can imagine a world where learning data is safely shareable in seconds - in a secure and trusted BlockChain.

Elliott Masie, Richard Culatta and others will be making a Learning BlockChain Announcement and Invitation at our General Session on Monday!

Meet LearnBot! Your ChatBot and Advisor!


While you will be one of 1,800 learning colleagues at Learning 2018 - LearnBot is going to be right by your side.

We are developing a special "chatbot" for Learning 2018 which will be a text or messenger away - with information, advice and even random suggestions.

Using SMS Text, Facebook Messenger or a Web Based Window, every participant at Learning 2018 will be able to ask LearnBot for key information, advice, updates or even "hot questions".  You will be able to:

  • Ask for the Learning Experiences that are scheduled right now!
  • Highlight a key topic that is emerging throughout the event.
  • Curate your own content into a Shared Digital Notebook for every session.
  • Ask for a Random Session - that might really tweak your interest.
  • Get Info about the Learning Genius Bar
  • And Many Many Surprises

ChatBots are emerging as an alternative to going to a learning site.  Instead, your LearnBot will come to you with short bursts and ready to answer a range of serious and funny questions.

Stay tuned.  LearnBot will be going live right before Learning 2018 begins.

(LearnBot is a developmental innovation created by Mobile Coach and MASIE Productions)