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escape2018This year was the third year of the Learning Escape Room Lab at Masie’s Learning Conference! It’s been such an amazing experience to lead and see the process from beginning to end!

The last two years, we managed to create engaging experiences for both volunteer creators and participants. This year, the team focused a bit more on outcomes and perspectives of those that were able to experience the Escape Room firsthand. Our theme this year was “Mystery Doors to New Roles”, as we wanted to keep the objectives focused on a topic with which most (if not all) participants could relate. Over 110 conference attendees experienced the Escape Room firsthand, as we ran 10 individual sessions over Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference.

We were so pleased with the reactions of the attendees! There were two main (mostly linear) puzzle chains for each team to solve, with an average solve time of approximately 16 minutes. The feedback from the attendees overwhelmed us with the amount of positive insight that only those with great passion could provide. We learned so much about what worked, what didn’t, and how we can best recommend bringing this type of experience to all of our full-time roles back in the real world!

Look out in the coming months for a comprehensive look at the puzzles, solutions, and lessons learned from both sides of the table. We are so excited to bring this all to you in a carefully curated fashion!

- Dan Laicha, FirstBank