Your Invitation to Learning 2018:

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TO: Learning, Training & Performance Colleagues

FROM: Elliott Masie, Host & Curator

RE: Your Invitation to Learning 2018

I would like to invite you and your colleagues to participate in Learning 2018, to be held in Orlando, Florida from November 4 to 7, 2018.

Learning 2018 Themes, Components and Focus:

  • It’s All About Learning! Learning 2018 will dynamically and interactively explore every aspect of Learning at the Workplace: Design, Formats, Technologies, Engagement, Assessment, and Much More!
  • Learning is Changing! Learners are Changing! Formats & Content are Changing! Learning Analytics are Changing! Business Models are Changing! Our Roles in Learning are Changing!
  • Tech@Learning is Evolving Rapidly! Technology and Learning Approaches are Evolving with Mobility, AI/Machine Learning Promises, Virtual Assistants, Big Learning Data & Personalization, Consumer Electronics (e.g. Alexa or Chatbots), and Tech Platforms (e.g. Cloud, Blockchain, Talent Systems Integration, Learner Dashboards).
  • Learning is Global: Learning 2018 is now a partner with CloserStill, integrating best practices from around the world. Expertise from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and other global points will enhance your learning perspectives.
  • Learning Professionals Must Be Learners, Too: Learning 2018 will provide high-impact activities, experiences, labs, and even 5-minute “Now” Learning Updates like “How Blockchain Might Impact Learning” or “Compliance Impacts for Distributed Workplaces”. You will interact, experiment, observe, contrast, benchmark, and more.
  • LearningTowns to Benchmark & Network: Participants will be invited to LearningTowns, which are structured and open dialogue spaces/sessions to help us benchmark and more! LearningTowns will be organized around industries, common challenges, and learner characteristics.
  • Experiment with New Designs: Learning 2018 is developing an experimental “Chatbot” that will allow participants to use SMS, Messenger, or the Mobile Web to ask questions about schedules, content, or collaboration – a step beyond a passive “App”. We will “walk the talk” in experimenting with emerging technologies.
  • Learning Makes a Difference! Learning 2018 is partnering with the following organizations: Lumina Foundation on building employer support for continuing education; ATD for ongoing research and thought leadership in Talent/Development; Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, which supports eLearning to assist homeless LGBTQ teenagers; MIT for cutting-edge research on Brain Science and Learning; and Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Project.
  • Learning is FUN! Yes, please be ready for fun! MASIE Productions also produces Broadway shows and Learning 2018 will integrate storytelling, theater, music, dance, and more to optimize our intense 3 ½ days of learning. Plus, we will give you a ticket to go to Disney’s Epcot on Tuesday night for a fun night with colleagues.

Learning 2018 is celebrating its 28th year as a global gathering of learning colleagues. Innovation and Learning will be everywhere, in authentic conversations with colleagues, experts, innovators and thought leaders – all focused on Learning is Changing!

We invite you and your teammates to come to Learning 2018. There are Advanced Discounts now available. 

I look forward to learning with you at Learning 2018!

Elliott Masie, Host & Curator - Learning 2018