Learning 2018 Participant Updates 

Update #1, September 6, 2018

In just two months, you will be participating in Learning 2018! This is the first of several notes that I will be sending to our participants about the activities, energy, options, and plans for Learning 2018.

  • Content List! We are excited to share the working list of over 125 learning activities, sessions, and experiences at Learning 2018. These will be expanded in the coming weeks. Take a few minutes to look at the topic list at the bottom of this note and share it with your colleagues. learning2018.com/contentupdate1
  • Learning is Changing! My keynotes and the major theme at Learning 2018 will be Learning is Changing! We will explore how our learners, our designs, our technologies, and our business realities are changing. Take a few minutes to discuss how Learning is Changing at your organization.
  • Hotel! If you have not booked your hotel room, please do so as soon as possible. Space at Disney is tight during this season and we have reserved a block for our Learning 2018 participants at the Coronado Springs Resort. learning2018.com/hotel-travel
  • Sunday Disney “Business Behind the Scenes” Tour: There are still spaces available in this optional, unique tour to see how the magic of Disney works from behind the scenes. There are morning and afternoon options. learning2018.com/disneytour
  • Vote: Absentee Ballots! Participants from the United States should sign up to vote in the November General Election via absentee ballot. There are several places you can request your ballot. Here is one you can use: http://www.vote.org
  • The Police Are Coming! Well, 6 police officers from the now-famous Norfolk Police Department are coming to receive an “Engagement Award” for their Lip Sync of “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. They will be with us throughout the event. Check them out: learning2018.com/norfolk
  • Additional Registrations & Groups: Once Labor Day passes, folks often turn to their calendars and want to expand the size of their organizations’ groups at Learning 2018. Whether you have just 1 or even 10 more colleagues who want to join us, please have them go to learning2018.com to register.
  • Former First Lady Laura Bush Keynote: We have arranged for any guests who are traveling with you to attend this keynote on Monday morning. For security needs, they will need to sign up onsite, either sometime on Sunday or Monday morning by 9 am. Sign-up sheets for guests will be in the registration area.
  • Disney World and Epcot Party Ticket for You! Learning 2018 will be giving you a ticket for Tuesday evening to either Walt Disney’s Epcot (with Wine and Food Festival) or – new this year – Magic Kingdom! If you have guests who want to attend, you can purchase an after-5pm ticket for them onsite at the hotel concierge desk or in advance. More information is available at learning2018.com/Celebration .

We will be sharing more details and exciting experiences in the coming weeks. Once again, the content and links from this note (and future participant notes) can be found at www.learning2018.com/participants

Yours in learning,


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