Onboarding: Update Your Approach with Human-Centered Design

We’ve transformed our organization-wide onboarding program into a development experience that instills a sense of value, connectedness, empowerment, and delight. Learn how we leveraged human-centered design methods to create, test, and refine learning solutions that have shaped this holistic experience for our new hires. We’ll share the lasting, positive impact we’ve made on our people and the business.


  • Don't have time to build a persona for Onboarding? Ask your recruiting organization if they already have market research on candidates for your roles.

  • Methods of Human-centered design: Personas (Design thinking), Reframing (Hack the Experience), Piloting, and Many data gathering techniques (Measurement)

  • How might we...engage new hires in the time between accepting their offer and starting on Day 1? design the ideal live experience that leaves new hires feeling connected, valued, and empowered in their first week? leverage the local office setting and environment to create a welcoming experience? leverage technology to create a seamless experience? help the new hire build connections from the time they accept the offer through their first year?