Chatbots for Learning: P&G’s Coaching Pilot

Siri, Alexa, Cortana…our learners use these and other chatbots/digital assistants daily in their personal lives to get answers and complete tasks. They’re beginning to expect the same kind of experience when it comes to workplace learning. Are you and your organization ready? This session will share the results of a pilot for a chatbot "coach" to support learning transfer post-training, as well as other plans for expansion of a learning and development chatbot at P&G.


  • using the chatbots to keep notes about the chatbot session
  • baby bots support the main bot Lucy
  • there are growing pains
  • next LMS release will support chatbot and can let learners ask about courses and sign up but is very transactional.
  • courses have power pages, 1-3 page summaries of a course that are made available via chatbot
  • needs Skype for business online, doesn't work with native version (may be P&G specific), may not work well with phone
  • pinging Lucy works on native client, but proactively reaching out is challenging and needs online Skype version
  • building the bot takes 1-2 weeks, getting it deployed and getting it approved takes weeks and months
  • live links in IM were challenging
  • manager really only gets a notification that employee went to training and summary sheet
  • some thought language was to stiff, others thought it was too chatty.
  • chatbot responded to quickly, users wanted pause in response. This bot is really rules based so very quick
  • LMS is success factors
  • feel like they are on the bleeding edge and are bleeding a little bit
  • coaching bot is 100% rules based
  • bot is deployed to ~200 people and only for a 6 week window
  • bot returns just a log file
  • right now bot needs extract from LMS with user names, long term better integration would be better
  • using azure NLP for the IT chatbot that answers questions but not for learning

Chat Bot- P&G Training follow up chat bot Goal to increase training retention and increase involvement and conversation with management. Information bot Coaching bot Create a Power Page for each course. That one-two page doc. That can be distributed in a variety of ways. Managers need talking points more than understanding of content. Chat bot built in azure (?) and is deployed through Skype for business. To initiate a chat automatically. Must build in response delays to increase user comfort with the technology. Challenges Infrastructure deployment and Skype versions (works online, not the client at least at P&G) Culture around a bot pushing information to users. Is this practice or can it be? Must introduce the bot and assure that information is cascaded. Wording and tone of chat important. Impersonal. Responded too quickly, need to add a delay in response time. Creates a log of responses. Need to continually train/educate the bot based on responses. Measurements of success Did it spur conversation with the manager? Did the bot them get them to do something different? Has the training supported the learning?