Learning is a Product. Think Like a Product Manager.

L&D is more than training and compliance: it's the biggest opportunity your organization has to recruit and retain amazing talent. With that in mind, let’s talk about how you can conduct user research, integrate design thinking into learning design, measure impact, and maximize your current technology while investing in technology of the future. We’ll explore how your teams can leverage product managers’ skillsets and tools to approach learning like it's a product worth your learners’ time.


  • very engaging speaker so far! @matthewjdaniel

  • My favorite quote so far: “once I started listening to the learner, I was addicted”

  • fun opening!

  • 2/3 of Talent Developers would not recommend their own programs

  • Agile:Speed to Market "If it takes you a month to create a 4 minute video, the SMEs are coming for your job"

  • Have multiple well-researched personas for each role so you can quickly grab them when designing learning experiences

  • The value is in what gets USED, not what gets BUILT. -Kris Gale

  • Matthew provided interesting perspective about changing the L&D mindset and treating training like a product. I would highly recommend!