One-Stop Government Learning: Innovation & Learning Record Store

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recently ordered that all of its learning requirements and acquisitions of learning systems be consolidated through OPM USALearning, a program that supports the development of the federal workforce through simplified, single-stop access to eLearning products, information, and services. That meant creating a common course catalog, a unified learning record store (LRS), and a common data warehouse. This session will highlight the results of our efforts and help you understand how to leverage our approach in your organization.


  • air Force is looking to just use LRS with no LMS

  • one core Moodle instance for 65 organizations as child instances. Each with their own configuration but with common data collection.


  • USA Learning has first right of refusal for all services and manages licenses centrally

  • goal to give response within 30days

  • creating copy of data from system of record to create did wide repository