Knowledge Management: Back from the Dead???

As we leverage more and more channels of learning, we must improve our ability to manage content and automate that management as much as possible. Curation is a vital but small part of the broader discipline of knowledge management, which also includes publishing and maintaining content from single sources. Done well, knowledge management enables us to deliver content, unencumbered, through any and every learning channel.


  • it's one thing to build a solution, it's another thing to keep it current.

  • standards Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)

  • structure our deliverables... knowledge, information, data.

  • the mind needs structure to help store and organize knowledge for retrieval later.

  • Performance support pyramid. Hierarchy of building blocks that are powerful to help structure tasks and underlying knowledge that leads to skills.

  • A comprehensive metadata strategy is required to enable content management and knowledge management to allow for reuse.