Micro-Learning: Risks, Rewards & Alternatives

Micro-learning: it’s one of THE buzz words in our industry these days. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s get beyond the hype and explore the real positives and negatives of using micro-learning! Bring your experiences, questions, and perspectives to this conversation.


  • Curate
  • single focus concept, 3 to 10 minutes chunk
  • easily digestible
  • one objective
  • solve one problem
  • learners attention span is 3 mins
  • micro-learning = 1 learning objective
  • lower the production quality of video, do more, do quickly
  • string together
  • great session
  • an efficient easily accessible mobile targeted short burst of learning content.
  • when crowdsourcing with end users, do you find that regulation/compliance/etc is an issue? I am in a heavily regulated industry and we struggle with how to ensure the information end users are sharing is correct & in compliance. How do you manage this?
  • crowd sourcing definition of microlearning
  • <5 min
  • Single objective training content that's easily accessible and consumable
  • Definition - has single objective content, is device agnostic, easily accessible