Digital Disruption: A Learner-Centered Approach

With the help of our entire employee population, Boeing launched its first digital campus in early 2018. Learn how we did it in just a matter of months, focusing on meeting our learners where they are, disrupting ourselves, and seeing learning as a value-add to the organization. Join us to listen, learn, and ask questions about how you too can put learners at the heart of your learning strategy.


  • People want to learn at work like they work at home--easy search, quick results

  • Pushing engagement is a constant effort

  • It's not about the shiny tool, it's about the value we're trying to provide

  • Welcome to the session

  • Connect fragmentes systems

  • How do you drive learners to on-demand content? It is important but not urgent.

  • how many personas?

  • Vies

  • would you call this a learning ecosystem?

  • Curation

  • keep user experience first

  • How did you structure your content?

  • Social Learning - living the experience inside the gated wall.

  • redunancies

  • great