Gender Balance: What It Really Means and How to Get There

Despite gender balance being perceived as a priority, little has changed in the corporate world in the past decade. Inclusive cultures remain distant goals for most organizations. The new ROI for today's organizations is based on their capacity to access the widest possible range of cognitive diversity to drive greater innovation and performance through gender-balanced leadership. Learn how you can create a roadmap for essential change to involve both men and women and make gender balance stick.


  • Women in Learning # 661 Discussion Notes - Participant’s questions focused on How to Navigate Up, ways on how to Advance Women in Leadership Learning Roles Key Take-Aways - Navigating your career ⁃ Expand your comfort zone - take risks ⁃ When mentor framework not available in your organization, search out individuals that can help you solve challenges you are facing ⁃ Create a personal board of directors ⁃ Leverage relationships to pre-test ideas, search out different perspectives and provide feedback ⁃ Lead with your strength - find your niche - how do you add value ⁃ Ask for help - it is not a sign of weakness - “I’d like your input” ⁃ Leverage and include males as mentors, key relationships, and to provide feedback ⁃ Have a vision / plan for career, what are the experiences, relationships you need to advance your career. Write it down, track progress ⁃ Work environment constantly changes - norms of the past may no longer be valid - when in doubt ask. ⁃ Seek feedback - are you exhibiting behaviors that are derailing your career? See Reference Below Rebecca Shambaugh Key Take-Aways - Advancing Women ⁃ It’s not a competition - as women we should work together and support each other ⁃ Reach out and mentor women inside and outside your organization ⁃ If you find that your input in a meeting is not heard and brought up by someone else ⁃ It starts with open discussions with men AND women. Initiate the discussion, Engage Men in the discussion. See reference Below Rebecca Shambaugh ⁃ Focus on impact and having a workplace that is reflective of the communities that we live and work in. ⁃ Encourage men to be open and not guarded - by providing feedback when unintentional biases arise. See reference below Bonnie Fetch References ⁃ It’s not a glass ceiling it’s a sticky floor: free yourself from the hidden behaviors sabotaging your career success - Rebecca Shambaugh ⁃ Make Room For Her: Why companies need an integrated leadership model to achieve extraordinary results - Rebecca Shambaugh ⁃ (Un)Skirting the issues: A guide for the well-intentioned Man in Today’s Workplace - Bonnie Fetch ⁃ See notes from